About Us

Zanobia Canada

Zanobia Canada was founded by Raed Al-Garnawi and established on February 25, 2011 in Canada, Ontario.

At Zanobia we strive for perfection. We do that by creating and ensuring the best quality, by making our products more sustainable, durable, esthetically pleasing, and most importantly smooth and easy to use and master.

This is why Zanobia is a leading giant in the field. We always aspire to produce more products tended to our consumers’ needs. We use customer reviews and suggestions and are always looking for the next improvement and the next innovation to keep our consumers satisfied.

What do we really do?

We are considered one of the largest wholesale companies in this field, our sales method is Business to Business. We sell our products to more than 500 shops and Business. All our products are manufactured under the registered trade name.

We ensure that our manufactures start from raw materials and mold and shape it to perfection, at which point it goes through rigorous testing and the final product is then distributed, this is the process at Zanobia Canada, along with the rest of the branches across the globe.

Our vision

Our goal in the next five years is to expand to the markets of other countries such as America and Europe and increase production lines to new goods that keep pace with the change in the local and global market and meets all consumer needs.

History of Beginning

Zanobia Company was established in Baghdad, Iraq in 1999 and founded by the Al-Garnawi family. So far Muhammad Al-Garnawi established a branch in the United States, Raed Al-Garnawi establish a branch in Canada, and Ali Al-Garnawi established a branch in Iraq and the United Arab Emirates.

When we first started, we produced cigar and accessories products, our true expansion was in 2006. In 2006 we entered the tobacco field. We now sell many items such as all styles and kinds of Hookahs, Charcoals, Charcoal Burners/Lighters and all accessories needed.
We plan to expand to other neighboring countries for easier access to some of our international consumers.

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